Encouraging someone in English

We can use the expression Hurry up! to encourage someone to do something more quickly.

Hurry up! They’re all waiting for us.

Hurry up! We’re already late.

Hurry up! We’ve got to be there in ten minutes.

The expression Come on! is also used to encourage someone to do something.

Come on! We’ll be late.

Come on! We’re going to be late for the film.

Come on! Megha, take a bite.

Come on! Shyam, Have a drink.

In a very informal style, we use the expression Go for it! to encourage someone to do something.

‘I’m going to try my luck in the stock market.’ ‘Go for it!’

‘I’m going to apply for that job.’ ‘Go for it!’

‘I’m going to start a business.’ ‘Go for it!’

‘I’m going to buy that house.’ ‘Go for it!’

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