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Dismal (adjective)

Dismal means dejected, cheerless, gloomy, despondent, awful, terrible etc.

  • The show was dismal and a waste of time.
  • She works in a dismal little room in the attic.

Crestfallen (adjective)

Crestfallen means dejected, depressed, disappointed, disheartened etc.

The team was crestfallen after losing the game.


To trudge is to walk wearily, plod, drag etc.

  • The losing team trudged wearily off the field.
  • Rip Van Winkle was so frightened of the stranger that he began to trudge up the hill.


To implore is to beg or plead with.

  • The prisoner implored the king for mercy.
  • The child implored his kidnappers to let him go but they wouldn’t listen to him.


To scramble is to move quickly and awkwardly using both the hands and the feet. It can also mean rush, race or run.

  • We scrambled for cover against the sudden rain.
  • The cat quickly scrambled up a mango tree to escape from the wild dogs that were chasing it.
  • The girl scraped her knee rather painfully against the step of the carriage as she was scrambling in.


Ardent is an adjective meaning passionate, zealous, enthusiastic, earnest, feverish etc.

  • Bhagat Singh was an ardent patriot.
  • Shakespeare’s Romeo was an ardent lover.

Antonyms of ardent: dispassionate, unenthusiastic, apathetic, impassive, detached, cold, frigid etc.


As a noun savour means taste, aroma or flavour.

  • The cake had the savour of nutmeg.
  • The sauce had the savour of garlic.

To savour something is to enjoy, relish or like it.

  • We ate the stew slowly, savouring it.


Savoury can mean tasty, appetizing, aromatic or delicious.

  • We munched the savoury cake.

Savoury can also mean reputable, respectable, honest or attractive.

  • He wasn’t a very savoury character.

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