Interchange Of Degrees Of Comparison

Please view this lesson to learn more about interchange of degrees of comparison.

An adjective recognizes three degrees of comparisonpositive, comparative and superlative.

Study the examples given below.

  • Shyam is the tallest boy in the class.

We can express the same idea using positive and comparative adjectives.

  • No other boy in the class is as tall as Shyam.
  • Shyam is taller than any other boy in the class.

Interchange of degrees of comparison

Change the degree of comparison without changing the meaning of the sentence.

1. Seema is the prettiest girl in the class.

2. Einstein was the most famous scientist of his times.

3. I earn more than any other person in my family.

4. Gold is one of the most precious metals.

5. Curd is more nutritious than milk.

6. The elephant is the largest land animal.

7. Cheetah is the fastest animal.


1. No other girl in the class is as pretty as Seema. / Seema is prettier than any other girl in the class.

2. No other scientist of his times was as famous as Einstein. / Einstein was more famous than any other scientist of his times.

3. No other person in my family earn as much as I do. / I earn the most in my family.

4. Few other metals are as precious as gold. Gold is more precious than most other metals.

5. Milk is not as nutritious as curd.

6. No other land animal is as large as the elephant. / The elephant is larger than any other land animal.

7. No other animal is as fast as cheetah. / Cheetah is faster than any other animal.


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