Make meaningful sentences

 Arrange the words in the correct order to form meaningful sentences.

1. with not headmistress children was the a favourite the.

2. the woman was the her sufferings to of people rich around indifferent.

3. the porridge boy said was a frog that his in there bowl of.

4. the students to her follow instructions the wanted teacher.

5. down tears started her cheeks rolling

6. he shocked his car into the lamp crashed post when was

7. he is action prepared the consequences to of her face

8. the was his yelling the top boy of voice at

9. my has promised bike birthday to get father a for my me

10. the unruly were set with strict off warning youngsters a


1. The headmistress was not a favourite with the children.

2. The rich woman was indifferent to the sufferings of people around her.

3. The boy said that there was a frog in his bowl of porridge.

4. The teacher wanted the students to follow her instructions.

5. Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

6. He was shocked when his car crashed into the lamp post.

7. He is prepared to face the consequences of her action.

8. The boy was yelling at the top of his voice.

9. My father has promised to get me a bike for my birthday.

10. The unruly youngsters were set off with a strict warning.

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