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Your school conducted the Science Exhibition Scientia in September 2022. The famous scientist Yamuna Krishnan was the chief guest on the occasion. Write a description about the event in 100-150 words.

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Carmel CMI School, Shornur conducted its annual Science Exhibition on September 12, 2002. The event was inaugurated by the famous scientist Yamuna Krishnan who was also the chief guest. The exhibition started at 9 am and was on until 5.30 pm. Since the exhibition could not be held during the last two years due to the restrictions imposed by Covid 19, this year both teachers and students made sure that it would be a massive event. In addition to the students, a lot of parents also visited the stalls to see the exhibits and encourage the students who made them. The first prize was won by two girls of the 9th grade who built a robotic arm using discarded syringes and other waste materials. Everyone liked the novelty of their idea. Some of the other exhibits included a low cost metal detector and LED lights powered by lemons. Overall, it was a vibrant event that demonstrated our students’ ability to think out of the box and build innovative products that solve problems.

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