Reading Comprehension Worksheet For Class 9

Read the passage given below and answer the following questions.

In today’s world, where everything is just one click away, youngsters are after technology / internet for all purposes. They are now using the internet wherever they go. They are online at home and outside home too. The new age gadgets are serving the purpose with ease. The chart below illustrates how internet users aged 16+ prefer to access the internet at home and in other places.

Devices used for accessing the internet

It shows the results of a survey in which people aged 16 and over were asked about their preferred devices for accessing the internet. The question was about how they went online when they were at home and in other places. Participants mainly mentioned four main devices in their answers  and they were smartphones,  laptops,  tablets and  desktops.

From the pie chart it is clear that the participants prefer to use smart phones and laptops with just three percent difference between the two. Nearly a third of participants prefer to go online with a smart phone. Thirty percent like to use a laptop. Fourteen percent of the users prefer a desktop computer. Only a small minority prefer a device other than these four.

In conclusion, since mobile and portable devices are the most popular choices, it is clear that many participants are accessing the internet outside their homes. The desktop computer is the least popular of the four devices. In future, we can probably expect to see more and more people accessing the internet with smartphones as their preferred choice.

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer the following questions.

(a) What is the target population of the survey?

(1) 250 +  (2) 18 +  (3) 16 +  (4) 25 +

(i) Only 2

(ii) Only 3

(iii) 2 and 3

(iv)  Only 4

Answer: 16 +

(b) Which of the following is not true?

(i) Internet can be accessed using smart phone

(ii) Internet can be accessed using tablet

(iii) Internet can be accessed using landline phone

(iv) Internet can be accessed using laptops

Answer: Internet can be accessed using a landline phone

(c) Which type of chart has been used to depict the survey?

(i) Bar diagram

(ii) Pie chart

(iii) Pivot table

(iv) Statistic chart

Answer: pie chart

(d) Why is desktop computer the least popular?

Answer: Most participants are accessing the internet outside their home. Since the desktop computer is not a portable device, it is not a popular choice for accessing the internet.

(e) Which mode of accessing the internet has grown possibilities in future as per the survey?

Answer: Smart phones are likely to be the preferred choice of most people for accessing the internet in future.

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