Participles Exercise For Class 10

Combine the following sentences using a participle.

When one action is completely finished before the other action commenced, use the perfect participle (having + past participle) to combine the two sentences.

1. He delivered the message. He departed.

2. The girl finished her homework. She went to bed.

3. I didn’t know what to do. I called the police.

4. The constable ran fast. He caught the thief.

5. I worked hard. I finished the project on time.

6. He lost much blood. He felt drowsy.

7. He applied in time. He got the job.

8. He received treatment in time. He managed to survive.

9. He broke his leg. He could not play the match.

10. We searched the entire neighbourhood. We found the cat.


1. Having delivered the message, he departed.

2. Having finished her homework, the girl went to bed.

3. Not knowing what to do, I called the police.

4. Running fast, the constable caught the thief.

5. Working hard I finished the project on time.

6. Having lost much blood, he felt drowsy.

7. Having applied in time, he got the job.

8. Having received treatment in time, he managed to survive.

9. Having broken his leg, he could not play the match.

10. Searching the entire neighbourhood, we found the cat.


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