Phrasal Verbs With Bring | Bring Phrasal Verbs

Here is a list of phrasal verbs using the word bring.

Bring about something (Make something happen)

  • The civic administration plans to bring about major changes in the infrastructure of the city.
  • A lack of trust often brings about bitterness in a relationship.

Bring along somebody or bring somebody along

To bring along somebody is to bring him or her somewhere

  • Can I bring my friend along for the party?
  • Everybody should bring along something to drink.

Bring along can also mean ‘help someone to improve his / her skills’.

  • A good leader should be able to bring his teammates along.

Bring somebody around / round (Make someone who is unconscious become conscious again.)

  • They sprinkled water on her face to bring her around.

Bring somebody around can also mean ‘persuade him / her to agree with you’.

  • At first she didn’t like my idea, but I eventually managed to bring her around.

Bring something back or bring back something (Make someone remember something from the past.)

  • That song always brings back memories of my childhood.

Bring somebody back or bring back somebody (reappoint somebody)

  • He left the firm in 2001 but was brought back by the new management.

Bring somebody down or bring down somebody (Cause people in government etc. to lose their position)

  • This scandal is likely to bring the government down.
  • Bring down can also mean ‘reduce the amount of something’.
  • The government has failed to bring down inflation.

Bring something forward or bring forward something

  • To bring an event forward is to change its date so that it happens earlier than planned.
  • The date of the wedding has been brought forward to June 21st.

Bring in something or bring something in (Make a particular amount of money)

  • His father has asked him to look for a job so that he can bring some money in.

Bring off something or bring something off (succeed in doing something difficult)

  • It was a tough job, but I managed to bring it off.

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