Phrasal verbs with run

Here is a list of expressions beginning with run. Each one is followed by its meaning. Example sentences are also given.

Run in

If a particular quality runs in a family it is common to all members of it.

  • Social activism runs in the family.

The run (= average type)

  • She stood out from the general run of female writers.

The runs / the royal runs

This is an informal expression referring to diarrhoea.

  • Where is the toilet? I have got the royal runs.

Be run off your feet

When you are run off your feet, you are very busy.

  • I am run off my feet. I don’t have time to talk now.

Be on the run

To be on the run is to try to escape from arrest.

  • The criminals are on the run.

Run across

To run across someone is to meet them by chance.

  • I ran across an old friend of mine yesterday.

Run somebody down

To run somebody down is to criticize them severely.

  • He always runs down his rivals.

Run out

Become no longer valid or available

  • Food supplies are running out.

Run over

To run over is to overflow.

  • The cistern is running over.

Run someone over

To run someone over is to knock them down with a vehicle.

  • The child was run over by a truck.

Run something up

To allow a bill or debt to build up

  • He has run up huge debts.
  • Our expenses have run up considerably.

Run up against

Experience a difficulty or problem.

  • We ran up against some unexpected hurdles.

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