Prepositions Exercise For CBSE Class 8

Complete the following sentences using appropriate prepositions.

1. Toys were lying ———————– the room. (across / about)

2. Astrophysics is ———————- me. It is too difficult for me. (above / about)

3. There were ——————— twenty children in the class. (about / above)

4. I live ——————– the street. (across / about)

5. He walked ———————— the bridge. (above / across)

6. He came in ——————– you. (after / over)

7. The ladder was standing ———————- the wall. (against / at)

8. The waves beat ———————— the cliffs. (against / over)

9. He aimed the ball ——————— the stumps. (on / at)

10. She applied the plaster —————– the cut. (to / in)


1. Toys were lying about the room.

2. Astrophysics is above me. It is too difficult for me.

3. There were about twenty children in the class.

4. I live across the street. (I live on the other side of the street.)

5. He walked across the bridge. (= He walked from one side of the bridge to the other.)

6. He came in after you.

7. The ladder was standing against the wall.

8. The waves beat against the cliffs.

9. He aimed the ball at the stumps.

10. She applied the plaster to the cut.


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