Simple Present Tense Worksheet For CBSE Grade 6

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate verb form in the simple present tense.

1. I always ——————- (speak) the truth.

2. He ——————- (take) good care of his health.

3. Maria ——————– (work) hard to make a living.

4. When you heat ice, it —————— (melt)

5. He never ——————– (tell) a lie.

6. She ——————- (do) her duty conscientiously.

7. I ——————— (not hate) anybody.

8. He ———————- (not know) the answer.

9. She no longer ——————– (work) here.

10. The boy —————— (not obey) his parents or teachers.

11. Susie ——————– (not write) stories.

12. My nephews ——————- (play) cricket very well.

13. My niece ——————- (make) idols from clay.

14. The earth ——————– (move) around the sun.

15. The day ——————- (follow) the night.


1. I always speak the truth.

2. He takes good care of his health.

3. Maria works hard to make a living.

4. When you heat ice, it melts.

5. He never tells a lie.

6. She does her duty conscientiously.

7. I do not hate anybody.

8. He does not know the answer.

9. She no longer works here.

10. The boy does not obey his parents or teachers.

11. Susie does not write stories.

12. My nephews play cricket very well.

13. My niece makes idols from clay.

14. The earth moves around the sun.

15. The day follows the night.


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