Simple Past Tense Worksheet For CBSE Grade 6

In theĀ simple past tense, sentences have the following structure.

Affirmative: Subject + past simple form of the verb + (object / adverbial)

I saw him. (Subject + verb + object)

He went to the market. (Subject + verb + adverbial)

Negative: Subject + did not + base form of the verb + (object /adverbial)

I did not see him. He did not go to the market.

Interrogative: Did + subject + base form of the verb + (object /adverbial)

Did you see him?
Did he go to the market?


Make sentences in the simple past tense.

1. I ——————— your father yesterday. (see)

2. He ———————- nothing about your plans. (say)

3. She ———————- (not move).

4. We ————————- (start) in the morning.

5. I ————————– for him for two hours. (wait)

6. She ——————— (start) teaching at 19.

7. I ———————– (not say) anything to offend him.

8. The allegations ———————- (force) her to quit her job.

9. The man ———————- (leave) in a hurry.

10. She ———————- (want) to leave.

11. I ———————– (not understand) a word.

12. Susie ———————– (go) to the movies with her friends.

13. She ————————– (order) a pizza.

14. He ———————– (eat) nothing.


1. I saw your father yesterday.

2. He said nothing about your plans.

3. She did not move.

4. We started in the morning.

5. I waited for him for two hours.

6. She started teaching at 19.

7. I did not say anything to offend him.

8. The allegations forced her to quit her job.

9. The man left in a hurry.

10. She wanted to leave.

11. I did not understand a word.

12. Susie went to the movies with her friends.

13. She ordered a pizza.

14. He ate nothing.


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