Present Continuous Tense Worksheet For CBSE Grade 6

Complete the following sentences using appropriate present continuous tense forms.

1. Rahul —————— (do) his homework.

2. Meera ——————— (learn) her lessons.

3. The boys ——————— (play) in the garden.

4. The girls ——————– (dance).

5. I ———————- (type) on the computer at the moment.

6. The teacher ———————- (explain) the lesson.

7. The students ——————— (solve) the sum.

8. The boy ——————– (throw) stones at the dog.

9. The blind man ——————– (beg) for alms.

10. You ——————– (not listen) to me.

11. They ——————– (wait) for us.

12. I ——————– (count) the numbers.

13. My sister ——————- (prepare) for her exams.

14. The birds ——————– (sing).

15. You ——————– (cause) me a great deal of distress.


1. Rahul is doing his homework.

2. Meera is learning her lessons.

3. The boys are playing in the garden.

4. The girls are dancing.

5. I am typing on the computer at the moment.

6. The teacher is explaining the lesson.

7. The students are solving the sum.

8. The boy is throwing stones at the dog.

9. The blind man is begging for alms.

10. You are not listening to me.

11. They are waiting for us.

12. I am counting the numbers.

13. My sister is preparing for her exams.

14. The birds are singing.

15. You are causing me a great deal of distress.


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