Past Perfect Tense Worksheet For CBSE Grade 6

Sentences are given in the simple past tense. Change them into the past perfect tense.

Sentences in the past perfect tense have the following form:

Affirmative: Subject + had + past participle form of the verb.

The patient had died. The train had left.

Negative: Subject + had not + past participle form of the verb.

The patient had not died. The train had not left.

Interrogative: Had + subject + past participle form of the verb

Had the train left?


Change the following sentences into the past perfect tense.

1. The boy took the money.

2. I waited for them.

3. We went to the market.

4. She did not answer the phone.

5. He made no attempt to escape.

6. He did not make any attempt to escape.

7. They took the boy to the doctor.

8. The cat killed the mouse.

9. The dacoits looted the shop.

10. They accepted the invitation.

11. She said nothing.

12. The girl won the first prize.

13. I watched that movie yesterday.


1. The boy had taken the money.

2. I had waited for them.

3. We had gone to the market.

4. She had not answered the phone.

5. He had made no attempt to escape.

6. He had not made any attempt to escape.

7. They had taken the boy to the doctor.

8. The cat had killed the mouse.

9. The dacoits had looted the shop.

10. They had accepted the invitation.

11. She had said nothing.

12. The girl had won the first prize.

13. I had watched that movie yesterday.


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