Present Perfect Tense Worksheet For CBSE Grade 6

Complete the following sentences using appropriate present perfect tense forms.

1. The workers ———————- (paint) the walls.

2. We —————— (pay) our dues.

3. She —————— (not do) anything wrong.

4. Somebody ——————- (steal) my purse.

5. I ——————— (learn) the lesson.

6. He ——————- (go) to the US.

7. The sun ——————— (rise).

8. She ——————– (finish) her meal.

9. I ———————– (not hear) anything from them.

10. They ——————– (never invite) us to their parties.

11. Janaki ———————- (never tell) me anything about her.

12. Sonia ——————– (go) home.

13. He —————— (refuse) our invitation.

14. She ——————— (never misbehave) with anybody.

15. You ———————- (never buy) me anything.


1. The workers have painted the walls.

2. We have paid our dues.

3. She has not done anything wrong.

4. Somebody has stolen my purse.

5. I have learnt the lesson.

6. He has gone to the US.

7. The sun has risen.

8. She has finished her meal.

9. I have not heard anything from them.

10. They have never invited us to their parties.

11. Janaki has never told me anything about her.

12. Sonia has gone home.

13. He has refused our invitation.

14. She has never misbehaved with anybody.

15. You have never bought me anything.


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