Exclamations Exercise

We use exclamations to express strong feelings.

Study the examples given below.

  • What a brilliant idea!
  • How beautifully she sings!

We can see that both sentences given above express strong feelings of appreciation.

Change the assertive sentences given below into exclamatory sentences. Note that an exclamatory sentence ends in an exclamation mark.

We make exclamatory sentences with how or what a. Use what a before a noun or adjective + noun. Use how before an adverb or an adjective without noun.

Exclamations Exercise

1. He is very clever.

2. She is very pretty.

3. It was a stupid decision.

4. Mumbai is a very big city.

5. She has a lovely smile.

6. That was a brilliant idea.

7. The weather is terrible.

8. He solved the puzzle very cleverly.

9. She dances very well.

10. It was a such a big house.


1. How clever he is!

2. How pretty she is!

3. What a stupid decision it was!

4. What a big city Mumbai is!

5. What a lovely smile she has!

6. What a brilliant idea it was!

7. How terrible the weather is!

8. How cleverly he solved the puzzle!

9. How well she dances!

10. What a big house it was!


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