Rise and Raise | What Is the Difference?

Rise and raise have similar meanings but they are not interchangeable.


Raise / raised / raised

Raise is transitive. That means it requires an object.

To raise is to lift or grow something.

She raised her hand. (She raised what? Her hand. Hand is the object.)
The workers raised several objections. (Workers raised what? Several objections. Objections is the object.)
The government is raising taxes. (The government is raising what? Taxes)
His grandparents raised him.
It is not easy to raise cattle.


Rise / rose / risen

To rise is to get up on your own accord or to go higher.
Rise is intransitive. That means it cannot have an object.

I rise at dawn.
Today the sun rose at 5.12 am.
People rose against the tyranny and injustice.
Taxes are rising. (No object) (NOT Taxes are raising.)
Prices have risen. (NOT Prices have raised.)
He rose from his chair. (NOT He raised from his chair.) (He rose what? No object)
He quickly rose to a position of importance. (No object) (NOT He quickly raised….)
Our hopes rose after hearing the good news.

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