The ABC’s of something / The ABCs of something

The ABC’s of a subject is the most basic facts about it. Sometimes the apostrophe in the expression ABC’s is omitted.

  • I don’t think that she will make a good teacher. She does not know the ABC’s of child psychology.
  • Although I don’t understand the ABC’s of music, I enjoyed the concert.
  • ‘Can you fix this computer for me? It keeps getting hung.’ ‘I’m afraid. I don’t know the ABCs of computer maintenance.’

Know one’s ABCs

To know one’s ABCs is to know the alphabet or to know the most basic facts about something.

  • There is no pointing in asking Rahul. He doesn’t even know his ABCs.
  • You should at least know your ABCs; otherwise, you won’t be able to complete this form.

As easy as ABC

If something is as easy as ABC, it is very easy.

  • I didn’t have any problems configuring my new home theatre system. It was as easy as ABC.


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