English Grammar - confusing cases

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Common expressions with how New!
Common errors with adverbs New!
Present perfect tense with definite time adverbs New!
Common errors with conjunctions New!
Expressing a condition
Expressing a concession or contrast
Common errors with adjectives
Common errors with pronouns
Common errors with nouns and noun phrases
Causative use of Have
Indirect questions
Absolute adjectives
Shall and Will: What to use?
Parallel construction
Two-word verbs
Negative questions
Double Negatives
Correct use of the present perfect tense
Correct use of the present perfect continuous tense
Whoever, whatever etc.
Phrasal verbs and prepositional verbs
Possessives with of
Past tenses with present or future meaning
It as a preparatory subject
It as a preparatory object
Agreement of the verb with the subject
Correct use of relative pronouns
Change statements into questions
To emphasis a word, place it first
Repeat a word to give extra effect
Joining two sentences
Adjective or adverb
Position of the words only and even
The joining words who, which and that
Joining two sentences with participles
Use the right pronoun
Inversion of subject and verb
Some equivalents of modal auxiliaries

Going Deeper

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