What are gerunds or verbal nouns?

Study the following sentence:

Teaching is a verb ending in -ing. At the same time, it is the subject of the verb is, and hence function as a noun. (Only nouns or noun equivalents can serve as subjects and objects.) Such a form of the verb ending in -ing and used as a noun is called a gerund or a verbal noun.

Uses of the gerund

The gerund has the following uses.

As the subject of a verb

A gerund can be the subject of a verb.

As subject complement

A gerund can serve as the complement of a subject.

As the object of a verb

A gerund can be the object of a verb.

As the object of a preposition

A gerund can be the object of a preposition.

Gerunds as simple nouns

Many gerunds are now treated as simple nouns. Most of them take articles before them and form plurals with -s.

Certain verbs and adjectives are followed by a preposition. We cannot use an infinitive after them. Instead, we use an -ing form.

Other verbs and adjectives that are usually followed by a preposition are: interested in, keen on, absent from, desirous of, despair of, fond of, confident of, insist on, stop from, abstain from and prohibit from.

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