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Kinds of Adverb Clauses

Adverb clauses of degree or comparison

Adverb clauses of degree tell us about the degree or extent of an action, quality or manner. They answer the questions how much, how little or how many? Adverb clauses of degree are introduced by subordinating conjunctions like as, as ... as, so ... as and than.

Adverb clauses of time and definite frequency

Adverb clauses of time and definite frequency tell us when something happens. They are introduced by subordinating conjunctions like when, whenever, before, after, as, since and till.

Adverb clauses of place

Adverb clauses of place are introduced by the conjunctions where and wherever.

Adverb clauses of manner

Adverb clauses of manner say how something happens or is done. They are introduced by conjunctions like as, as if, as though and in that.

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