Numeral Adjectives

They answer the question 'how many?' Numeral adjectives are of three kinds: definite numeral adjectives, indefinite numeral adjectives and distributive numeral adjectives.

Definite numeral adjectives

Both cardinal (e.g. one, two, three, four etc.) and ordinal numbers (e.g. first, second, third, forth etc.) belong to this category.

Indefinite numeral adjectives

They indicate an indefinite number. Examples are: some, many, few, all, no, several etc.

Note that indefinite numeral adjectives can also be used as adjectives of quantity. When they are used as adjectives of quantity, they are followed by singular uncountable nouns.

Distributive numeral adjectives

Distributive numeral adjectives are considered as the same as distributive adjectives. Examples are: each, every, either and neither.

Distributive numeral adjectives should be followed by a singular noun and a singular verb. However, we use a plural noun and a singular verb after each of, every one of, either of and neither of.

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