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TOEFL Grammar Test 3

Choose the correct grammar structure to complete the sentence. Each question has only one correct answer. Try to use only one minute per question.

1 I met a woman in Scotland --------------------.
three years ago
three years before
before three years
three years since
2 I have just read ------------------ War and Peace.
whole of
the whole of
the whole
3 He smokes too much but at least he -------------------- too much.
doesn’t also drink
doesn’t drink also
doesn’t also drinking
doesn’t also drinks
4 -------------------------, they had no chance of winning.
As bravely they fought
As they fought bravely
Bravely as they fought
They fought as bravely
5 ----------------------- respect your point of view, I can’t agree.
Much as I
As much I
I much as
As I much
6 Smoking is dangerous, as well as -------------------- you smell bad.
to make
7 I asked for the parcel ---------------------- to my home address.
to sent
to be sent
to be send
8 I -------------------- work last week, but I changed my mind.
was to started
was to have starting
was to have started
was to starting
9 When I went back to the town that I had -----------------------, everything was different.
left before ten years
left ten years since
left ten years
left ten years before
10 The older I get, ------------------- I am.
the happier
the happiest
the happy

If you didn't do so well, or you would like to study English Grammar before doing this exercise go to the English Grammar study page. To learn more about TOEFL go to the TOEFL page.


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