100 One Word Substitutes In English

Here is a list of 100 one word substitutes in English.

1. One who turns one’s thoughts inwards: introvert

2. One who talks about one’s accomplishments: egotist

3. One who is interested in the welfare of others: altruist

4. One who turns one’s thoughts outwards: extrovert

5. One who hates people: misanthrope

6. One who hates women: misogynist

7. One who hates marriage: misogamist

8. One who is not interested in the pleasures of the world: ascetic

9. One who is capable of using both hands with equal skill: ambidextrous

10. Student of the development of the mankind: anthropologist

11. One who is interested in charitable works: philanthropist

12. One who treats mental and emotional disturbances: psychiatrist

13. One who treats diseases of the eye: ophthalmologist

14. The specialist who delivers babies: obstetrician

15. One who treats skin diseases: dermatologist

16. Specialist who straightens teeth: orthodontist

17. Medical specialty dealing with bones and joints: orthopedics

18. Specialty dealing with the medical problems of the elderly: geriatrics

19. Specialist who takes care of the ailments of the feet: chiropodist

20. One who analyzes hand-writing: graphologist

21. Palm-reading: chiromancy

22. Egg-laying mammal: platypus

23. Eight-armed sea-creature: octopus

24. Three-legged stand: tripod

25. Stand for a speaker: podium

26. A specialist who extracts teeth: exodontist

27. A person who reads palms: chiromancer

28. A person who is an expert at penmanship: chirographer

29. A specialist who treats diseases of the gum: periodontist

30. Analysis of handwriting: graphology

31: Beautiful handwriting: calligraphy

32. Ugly, illegible handwriting: cacography

33. Science of the social and economic problems of the aged: gerontology

34. Medical specialty dealing with the aged: geriatrics

35. Antisocial person who may commit criminal acts: psychopath, sociopath

36. One who studies insects: entomologist

37. One who studies languages: philologist

38. One who studies social conditions: sociologist

39. One who studies the meanings of words: semanticist

40. One who studies the earth: geologist

41. One who studies the heavenly bodies: astronomer

42. Dissection and examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death: autopsy

43. Examination of living tissue: biopsy

44. Story of someone’s life written by another person: biography

45. Story of one’s own life: autobiography

46. Star-shaped flower: aster

47. Self-rule: autonomy

48. Physical structure: anatomy

49. State of being split into two parts: dichotomy

50. That which causes sexual arousal: aphrodisiac

51. One who is fond of English people and their customs: Anglophile

52. One who collects books: bibliophile

53. One who engages in extramarital sex: philander

54. A dull, heavy book: tome

55. Ill-fame: notoriety

56. State of being beyond reform or correction: incorrigibility

57. Science of heredity: genetics

58. Study of ancestry: genealogy

59. A person or thing out of time and out of date; belonging to a different era either earlier or later: anachronism

60. Calendar of events in order of occurrence: chronology

61. Study of disease: pathology

62. Lack of feeling: apathy

63. One who examines tissues under a microscope to diagnose disease: pathologist

64. Strong dislike or hostility: antipathy

65. Identification with another person’s feelings: empathy

66. Out of place: incongruous

67. Occurring at the same time or rate: synchronous

68. Infinite knowledge: omniscience

69. Time when night and day are of equal length: equinox

70. Calmness under trying circumstances: equanimity

71. Tightrope walker: equilibrist

72. Horseback rider: equestrian

73. Active at night: nocturnal

74. Balance between opposing forces: equilibrium

75. Having equal sides: equilateral

76. Wishing harm: malevolent

77. Vague feeling of general physical discomfort: malaise

78. Prohibition against something injurious: proscription

79. Pleasurable stimulation: titillation

80. Wishing good things for another: benevolent

81. In good faith: bona fide

82. One who gives orders in a manner that permits no refusal: dictator

83. Faithfulness: fidelity

84. Faithlessness: infidelity

85. Act of turning hostility into friendly feelings: placation

86. Method of talking in a roundabout way: circumlocution

87. Informal expression used in everyday conversation: colloquialism

88. Talkativeness: loquacity

89. Speech to oneself: soliloquy

90. Great artistic work: magnum opus

91. A radical change or political upheaval: revolution

92. A gradual upholding or development: evolution

93. Word for word: verbatim

94. An important or influential person: magnate

95. Inability to fall asleep: insomnia

96. One who cannot fall asleep: insomniac

97. One who laughs at traditions and beliefs: iconoclast

98. One who is fanatically, almost psychotically, devoted to something: monomaniac

99. A dabbler in the arts: dilettante

100. One who is excessively worried about one’s health: hypochondriac

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