Abnegate (verb)

Abnegate (verb)

When you abnegate things, you renounce them; you refuse to take them.

  • In a bid to lose weight, Maya abnegated sweets for one month.

Maya likes sweets but she stopped taking them because she wanted to lose weight.

Note that we abnegate things that we normally enjoy. You can’t abnegate things you detest.
A person who normally eats meat may abnegate beef for keeping his heart healthy. However, a vegetarian can’t abnegate meat. They don’t eat meat in the first place and they can’t renounce or abnegate things that they do not enjoy.
Self-abnegation is the practice of denying oneself even basic amenities, usually for some higher cause.

  • Ancient Rishis (ascetics) in India practiced self-abnegation because they believed that it would help them attain salvation.

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Abnegation (noun)


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