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Accessed, accesses, accessibility, accessible, accessing, inaccessible

Access as a noun

1) the right or opportunity to use a facility that will bring you benefits

  • Millions of people still have no access to electricity or safe drinking water. • The students demanded that they should be given access to the computer laboratory.
  • People in remote villages still don’t have access to good health care.

2) right to look at information that may be private or confidential

  • Access to government records is restricted.
  • They were given access to official records.

3) permission to see and talk to an important person

  •  He has direct access to the Prime Minister.

4) the legal right to visit your children after you are divorced

  • The court denied him access to his children.

5) the means by which you can get to a place

  • Access to the venue was guarded by armed policemen.
  • There is easy access to the temple city by road or rail.


Access is commonly used with the following verbs.

Allow access / block access / control access / deny access / gain access / give access / grant / limit access / restrict access

Access as a verb

1) to get information

  • Many malicious software programs are able to access the personal information stored on your computer.

2) to get to and enter a place

  • As the road was closed we couldn’t access the highway.


Don’t confuse the verb access with the noun access. When access is used as a noun, it should be followed by the preposition to.

  • The students have access to the reference library. (NOT The students have access the reference library.)

When access is used as a verb, it should be followed by a direct object. The preposition to is not used.

  • Anybody with an internet connection can access our website. (NOT Anybody with an internet connection can access to our website.)
  • Students are not allowed to access some websites which may contain information not appropriate for them.

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