Active and passive voice worksheet for grade 6

Sentences are given in active or passive voice. Change them into passive or active voice.

1. I was appalled by his condition.

2. His sense of humour surprised me.

3. The boy was throwing stones at the cat.

4. The men killed the snake.

5. Somebody has stolen my purse.

6. The passersby took the injured man to hospital.

7. The cat was chasing the mouse.

8. Cobblers mend shoes.

9. Carpenters make tables and chairs.

10. His performance impressed me.

11. He sells newspapers.

12. He sold his car to pay off his debts.

13. The teacher welcomed the boy to the class.

14. I have brought the file.


1. His condition appalled me.

2. I was surprised by his sense of humour.

3. Stones were being thrown at the cat by the boy.

4. The snake was killed by the men.

5. My purse has been stolen.

6. The injured man was taken to hospital by the passersby.

7. The mouse was being chased by the cat.

8. Shoes are mended by cobblers.

9. Tables and chairs are made by carpenters.

10. I was impressed by his performance.

11. Newspapers are sold by him.

12. His car was sold to pay off his debts.

13. The boy was welcomed to the class by the teacher.

14. The file has been brought by me.

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