Passive voice exercise

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

1. I sent the parcel yesterday.

2. She was fixing the radio.

3. He sells newspapers and magazines.

4. I am drafting a letter.

5. I have sold my old bike.

6. The officer ordered an inquiry into the matter.

7. I left some photos to be developed.

8. She was knitting a sweater.

9. He is playing the piano.

10. The news of his death shocked me.


1. The parcel was sent yesterday.

2. The radio was being fixed by her.

3. Newspapers and magazines are sold by him.

4. A letter is being drafted by me.

5. My old bike has been sold by me.

6. An inquiry was ordered into the matter.

7. Some photos were left to be developed.

8. A sweater was being knitted by her.

9. The piano is being played by him.

10. I was shocked by the news of his death.


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