Article writing activity for class 9

Read the following summary of the study ‘The impact of television advertising on children’. Based on the information given in the summary and your own ideas write an article for the school magazine. Give the article an appropriate title. Write at least 100 words.

  • Out of ten children, seven watch TV
  • Children spend more time in front of small screen than on hobbies
  • 75 percent of children say they love watching ads on TV
  • Children below 8 like ads more than programmes
  • Older children can understand the real intention

Sample article

Children and TV Advertising

The findings of a recent study titled ‘The Impact of Television Advertising on Children’ are startling to say the least. According to the study, seven out of ten children watch. Actually, children spend more time in front of the television than on their hobbies. This will invariably affect the development of their creative and intellectual skills. What is particularly disturbing is the influence of television commercials on children. Seventy-five percent of them love watching ads on TV. In fact children below 8 enjoy ads more than programmes. Advertisers know this better than anybody else and air their commercials during the programmed intended for children. On the bright side, older children can see through the commercials and do not get easily influenced by them.

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