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May 9th is celebrated as Mother’s Day. The big day also has its dark side. Mothers in the Old Age Homes wait for their children to come and look them up but in vain. Things remain gloomy and expectations high on this day.

Write an article on the topic: ‘Crisis During Old Age’ and give suggestions to overcome this problem.

Sample article

Crisis During Old Age

Aging is inevitable but it is also becoming a bane. In addition to age-related health problems, old parents now have to battle loneliness. They spent their entire lives taking care of their children and grandchildren. They sacrificed their pleasures and comforts to ensure that their children would have a better life. Yet when they need the love and care of their children, they are sent to age old homes.

Interestingly, we have days dedicated for mothers and fathers. Has anyone wondered about the plight of aged parents living in old age homes? On occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day they wait and wait for their children to visit them. And when their children fail to fulfill that hope, they lament their fate silently.

They should not have to go through this. Aged parents should not be sent to Old Age Homes in the first place. They have the right to spend their twilight years in the company of their children and grandchildren. Children must not forget the sacrifices their parents made for them. They need to realize that they are also aging. Before long they will also end up in old age homes. It is the law of nature. Our children will treat us in the exact same way we treated our parents.

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