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In recent times, there is perceived an increasing generation gap between parents and children. Write an article in about 100-120 words. You may take help from the clues given. (CBSE 2012)

Disparity in view, lifestyle, values – leading to generation gap – youth, late night parties and philosophy of carefree life – old age – traditional values of respecting elders being eroded

Sample article

Generation Gap

The generation gap between parents and children is widening. There are several reasons behind this disturbing phenomenon. The lifestyle and values of children are different from those of their parents. This leads to generation gap.

The youth believes in leading a carefree life. They want to seize the moment and enjoy it to the fullest. Late night parties were unheard of in our country a few decades ago. Now they have become the norm. Youngsters want to get the most out of life. Unfortunately, they are pursuing momentary pleasures and seem to have little or no interest in the traditional values that our parents and grandparents held close to them. They even fail to respect the elderly. They assume that they know better and don’t want to listen to the ‘outdated’ advice of their parents. This lack of trust and understanding between parents and children is affecting the very foundation of our families.

On the bright side, there are several ways to tackle this issue. Generation gap has always been there and it is quite normal for parents and children to have different opinions. In most cases, a sincere talk over dinner is all it takes to sort out the differences. Parents need to realize that it is normal for their children to have opinions. They acted in the same way when they were younger. They should make a conscious effort to spend more time with their children. Family outings and vacations are great opportunities for bonding. The children should also realize that their parents have more years and experience behind them.

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