CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing | Write A Story From The Outline

Develop a meaningful story using the given outlines. This story writing worksheet is for students of classes 7 and 8 CBSE.

A narrow stairway.. two people want to pass through at the same time … neither wants to make way for the other … both ask the other person to go back … first man says he never makes way for a fool … second man says that he does

Model answer

The Narrow Stairway

It was a narrow stairway that wouldn’t let two people pass through it at the same time. One day it happened that two men were crossing it at the same time. Both of them were in a hurry and wanted to reach the other end at the earliest. As they came closer they realized that they wouldn’t be able to cross it at the same time.

One of them had to go back to make way for the other. But who will? It would save them a lot of time and trouble but neither was willing to give way. They kept staring at each other, hoping that the other would move aside.

At last one of them said, “Move away and let me pass.”

The other man wasn’t pleased. After all, he has the same rights to cross the stairway first. So he said, “I was just about to ask you to do the same. Move aside and let me pass.”

This reply made the first man angry. “What nonsense!” replied the first man in arrogance, “I never make way for a fool.”

“I do,” said the second man, moving aside to let the other pass.

Who said you always need to hold on to your stand to win an argument? It sometimes makes more sense to stoop, so that you can conquer.

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