Change statements into questions | Class 5 grammar worksheets

Change the following statements into questions.

1. She is working here.

2. The buses are running late today.

3. Rahul is coming home for Christmas.

4. I have been to Australia.

5. He can repair a TV set.

6. There is a toy train in the park.

7. They are waiting for us.

8. He is expected to come in the evening.

9. Rahul has applied for a job.

10. Sangitha is a good singer.

11. Priya is rehearsing her dialogues.

12. The child is crying.


1. Is she working here?

2. Are the buses running late today?

3. Is Rahul coming home for Christmas?

4. Have I been to Australia? / Have you been to Australia?

5. Can he repair a TV set?

6. Is there a toy train in the park?

7. Are they waiting for us?

8. Is he expected to come in the evening?

9. Has Rahul applied for a job?

10. Is Sangitha a good singer?

11. Is Priya rehearsing her dialogues?

12. Is the child crying?


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