Change The Order Of Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 6 English Grammar Worksheets

Change the order of words to make meaningful sentences. Also state whether the sentences are declarative, imperative, exclamatory or interrogative.

1. my is fond of quite dog chasing cats

2. which cat to be likes by dogs chased

3. this is what I not expected you from

4. my architect wants be sister an to

5. she come waiting her father for to is

6. bone the dogs for a were fighting.

7. I to know what do now don’t.

8. tomorrow would you like with me come to

9. not she did behaviour like his

10. yesterday it has raining been since

11. fantastic what is a idea it

12. she beautifully how sings

13. served must be dinner 8 pm at

14. table the books on put the


1. My dog is quite fond of chasing cats. (Declarative)

2. Which cat likes to be chased by dogs? (Interrogative)

3. This is not what I expected from you. (Declarative)

4. My sister wants to be an architect. (Declarative)

5. She is waiting for her father to come. (Declarative)

6. The dogs were fighting for a bone. (Declarative)

7. I don’t know what to do now. (Declarative)

8. Would you like to come with me tomorrow? (Interrogative)

9. She did not like his behaviour. (Declarative)

10. It has been raining since yesterday. (Declarative)

11. What a fantastic idea it is! (Exclamatory)

12. How beautifully she sings! (Exclamatory)

13. Dinner must be served at 8 pm. (Imperative)

14. Put the books on the table. (Imperative)

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