Diary Entry Sample For Class 6

Here is a sample diary entry for students of class 6.


Imagine that you have won the inter school table tennis tournament. Write a diary entry about that memorable day, narrating your feelings of nervousness and how you conquered them to win the championship.

Diary entry sample

20 January 2020

9.30 pm

When I woke up this morning, I never thought that this day would be of so much happiness and excitement. It started like any other day. I reached school early in the morning in my sports uniform. I was both nervous and thrilled because I was going to represent my school in the inter school table tennis championship for the first time. I shyly walked up to my sports coach, greeted him and joined the other players. The game began and I started playing as well as I good. My opponent was a well-trained player who had won many championships. When it was half time, she had scored 2 points and I had scored none. I was starting to lose hope, but then I remembered by coach’s words, ‘If you think you can, you can.’ I don’t know what happened to me or how I regained confidence, but when we resumed the game, I clearly had an edge over her. I scored 3 points consecutively and when the game ended I had 5 points and she had 3. I couldn’t believe that I had won. As the chief guest handed over the trophy to me, everybody was cheering and I felt so proud and happy. The impossible had been achieved.

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