Email Writing Tips

Here are some useful phrases for writing emails.

Dear Gautam,
Hi Meera!
Hello Martin!
Love, Gauri
Lots of love, Aryan
All the best, John
Cheers, Peter
Regards, Susan
Kind regards, Bella
Yours, Aditi

Starting a formal email

You can start a formal email using one of the phrases given below.

Dear Mr Mathews,
Dear Sir,
Dear Madam,
Dear James,
Dear Sir or Madam,

Ending a formal email

You can end a formal email using one of the following phrases.

Yours faithfully, Kavita Menon
Yours sincerely, Alice Smith


Yours faithfully is uncommon in American English. In British English, it is used to end an email where we did not write the recipient’s name. Instead, we may have written something like ‘Dear Sir/Madam’.

Ending a formal email in a slightly more friendly way

Use one of the following expressions.

Best wishes, Ravi Menon
Kind Regards, Meenakshi Sharma

Sample email

Here is a sample email.

Hi Maya!

How are you doing? Would you like to go to the cinema this evening? If not, how about lunch on Friday?

See you soon, I hope.




Now emails are used for both formal and informal communications. Still, the tone of an email is relatively casual.

When you send an email never leave the subject line blank. When the receiver reads the subject, they should be able to figure out what the email is about.

It is okay to write ‘Hi’ in the subject line when you are sending emails to close friends or family. They know you and will open the email even if you leave the subject line blank. However, emails with no subjects are more likely to hit the spam folder of the receiver. So, if you really want your email to be read, take the time to write a descriptive subject.

An email does not have to be too formal. You should still follow the basic norms of courtesy.

Good to know

When you say your email address, say ‘at’ for @ and dot for . So if your email id is, you can say name at example dot com.

Some people put an ‘x’ at the end of an email. It represents a kiss. Only use it with people you know very well.

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