English Story Writing Activity For Class 10 CBSE

Develop a story in about 200-250 words with the help of the inputs and also give a suitable title.

Visiting zoo – a monkey comes down a tree – snatching my mother’s bag and runs up a nearby tree – all stunned

Class 10 English Story Writing

The Monkey and the Bag

Yesterday will always be a memorable day for us. Dad and Mom took my brother and me to the zoo yesterday. I have always loved animals so naturally I was quite excited about the visit. We saw plenty of animals there. There were tigers, lions, leopards and even crocodiles. There were plenty of monkeys too. They ran up and down the trees and provided us plenty of merriment. Suddenly it happened. A monkey sitting on a nearby fence ran up to my mother and snatched her bag. Before we could even react, he climbed up a tree and grinned at us. We are stunned. Luckily he didn’t attack my mother but there was still plenty of cause for concern. My mother had her phone, Adhar card and credit cards in the bag. We had to recover it somehow but we didn’t know how to. My brother tried to throw some stones at the monkey but that didn’t help. Actually, as soon as he saw the stones coming his way, he hid himself behind the leaves. We were clueless as to what we should do. Suddenly I remembered the story of the cap seller who had recovered all of his caps from the monkey. I decided to try the same trick. I had another bag in my hand. I threw it away. My brother also threw away the water bottles in his hand. Seeing us throwing things around, I think the monkey also got excited and threw the bag. We quickly snatched it before another monkey could grab it.


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