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Here you can practice solving questions that are similar to the ones likely to appear in various competitive examinations.

Grammar exercise

Questions 1 – 5

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word. Each question is followed by four suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. Space research in India has been growing by leaps and ————— with ISRO focusing on moon research.

a) bounds
b) starts
c) fits
d) none of these

2. The duty of a space scientist is to ——————— the mysteries of the universe.

a) unravel
b) identify
c) diagnose
d) disclose

3. All steps have been taken to —————— the formation of the new state.

a) expedite
b) accelerate
c) extract
d) none of these

4. The —————— of his statement are far-reaching.

a) implications
b) applications
c) allusions
d) consequences

5. I have performed the task ————– to me.

a) allowed
b) allotted
c) subscribed
d) designed

Questions 6 – 10

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the one which is similar in meaning to the key word.

6. Calumny

a) encomium
b) slander
c) veritable
d) virtuous
e) benign

7. Anathema

a) blessing
b) potent
c) curse
d) callous
e) privileged

8. Disparate

a) similar
b) unique
c) genuine
d) dissimilar
e) dangling

9. Interdict

a) appreciate
b) approve
c) allow
d) prohibit
e) prescribe

10. Inveterate

a) chronic
b) mild
c) corrigible
d) curable
e) none of these

Questions 11 – 15

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the one which is most opposite in meaning to the key word.

11. Odious

a) loathsome
b) delightful
c) delicious
d) delinquent
e) deliberate

12. Prodigal

a) cautious
b) reckless
c) dissolute
d) wasteful
e) profligate

13. Recalcitrant

a) noncompliant
b) well-behaved
c) refractory
d) unruly
e) intractable

14. Blatant

a) obvious
b) manifest
c) furtive
d) unashamed
e) none of these

15. Vociferous

a) raucous
b) strident
c) quiet
d) enthusiastic
e) determined

Questions 16 – 20

Look at the following sentences. Below each sentence are given three possible substitutions for the text given in bold letters. If one of the possible substitutions is better than the text in bold letters, indicate it as your answer. If none of the substitutions improves the sentence, indicate (d) as your answer.

16. The traveler asked the stranger if he had known the way to the nearest inn.

a) knew
b) has known
c) knows
d) No improvement

17. The dentist suggested me to change my toothpaste.

a) suggested that I should change
b) suggested to change
c) suggested me changing
d) No improvement

18. He was cured of his rheumatism by a specialist.

a) cured from
b) cured with
c) cured after
d) No improvement

19. He threatened that he would shoot me unless I didn’t give him the money.

a) if
b) whether
c) if not
d) No improvement

20. There is no question of denying the fact that she broke it.

a) no denying the fact
b) no denial the fact
c) no way to deny the fact
d) No improvement

Questions 21 – 25

In the following questions, sentences are given with four alternatives. Every sentence contains an idiom/phrase. You are to select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of this idiom/phrase for each of the questions.

21. He told me that my remarks were beside the mark in that matter.

a) my remarks were relevant
b) my remarks were irrelevant
c) my remarks were true
d) my remarks were untrue

22. The two friends fell foul of each other over a silly matter.

a) they quarreled
b) they resolved their differences
c) they confused each other
d) they supported each other

23. By securing a good job he has been able to keep the wolf from the door.

a) he no longer lives in poverty
b) he is able to lead a luxurious life
c) his social standing has improved considerably
d) He has become very proud of his accomplishments

24. The naughty child constantly keeps his mother on tenterhooks.

a) he constantly troubles her
b) he is very obedient
c) he is very adamant
d) none of these

25. Hitler led his party men by the nose.

a) he led them authoritatively
b) he led them gently
c) he was very lenient towards them
d) none of these


1. bounds
2. unravel
3. expedite
4. implications
5. allotted
6. slander
7. curse
8. dissimilar
9. prohibit
10. chronic
11. delightful
12. cautious
13. well-behaved
14. furtive
15. quiet
16. knew
17. a) suggested that I should change (The verb suggested cannot be followed by an infinitive.)
18. No improvement
19. if
20. no denying the fact (‘No question of denying’ is an Indianism which should be avoided.)
21. my remarks were irrelevant
22. they quarreled
23. he no longer lives in poverty
24. he constantly troubles her
25. he led them authoritatively

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