Grammar For Competitive Exams Like Bank PO and UPSC

Look at the word/phrase in bold letters. Below each sentence are given three possible substitutions for the bold text. If one of the possible substitutions is better than the underlined part, indicate it as your answer. If none of the substitutions improves the sentence, indicate (d) as your answer.

English Grammar Practice For Bank and UPSC exams

1. They dug a deep well, but could not find water.

a) could not find no water
b) cannot find water
c) would not find water
d) No improvement

2. When the bell rung, the swimmers sprang into the water.

a) was rung
b) ring
c) had rung
d) No improvement

3. The manager sent for the clerk, he came at once.

a) that
b) who
c) whom
d) No improvement

4. The Hyderabad House in New Delhi, which is been used by the External affairs Ministry, is to be sold.

a) which is being
b) which has been
c) which was
d) No improvement

5. One of the officers who were suspected of treachery was the Major himself.

a) was suspected
b) had suspected
c) suspected
d) No improvement

6. He is the only one among our politicians who is popular throughout the country.

a) was
b) were
c) are
d) No Improvement

7. This is one of the best pictures that have released this year.

a) have been released
b) were released
c) was released
d) No improvement

8. Bribery is one of the charges that have been leveled against him.

a) has been leveled
b) is leveled
c) is being leveled
d) No improvement

9. By December 2008 I shall be giving him a monthly stipend for ten years.

a) shall have been giving
b) should be giving
c) would be giving
d) No improvement

10. Edison used to have sold newspapers before he became a famous inventor.

a) used to sell
b) should sell
c) was selling
d) No improvement

11. I was reading the novel till midnight when the lights suddenly went out.

a) had been reading
b) were reading
c) has been reading
d) No improvement

12. Tom took two wickets before rain interrupted the play.

a) had taken
b) has taken
c) had took
d) No improvement

13. By the winter of 2008, we shall be living in this house for twelve years.

a) shall have been living
b) should be living
c) would be living
d) No improvement

14. As he was swinging the axe, it fell from his hands and his toe was cleft in two.

a) swung
b) swings
c) had swung
d) No improvement

15. There lied my lost keys in the midst of a clutter of small plants.

a) lay
b) laid
c) was laid
d) No improvement

16. If you listened more carefully, you would not have made so many mistakes.

a) would not make
b) will not make
c) should not have made
d) No improvement

17. The robber waived a pistol and frightened the passengers.

a) waved
b) would waive
c) was waving
d) No improvement

18. You must learn how to deal in different kinds of people.

a) deal with
b) deal at
c) deal on
d) No improvement

19. I despair of ever reforming my rascally nephew.

a) despair about
b) despair at
c) despair with
d) No improvement

20. While I was a student, I was a member of the college cricket team, which I should captain in my last year.

a) captained
b) had captained
c) have captained
d) No improvement

21. He touched at unemployment and allied problems in his talk.

a) touched upon
b) touched with
c) touched of
d) No improvement

22. A man with severe brain damage regained the ability to talk, eat, and move after doctors have implanted an electrical device deep inside his brain.

a) implanted
b) would implant
c) implant
d) No improvement

23. A person who loses heart after failure is a lost soul but a person who takes failure in his stride and continued his efforts for success, does succeed in the long.

a) continue
b) continues
c) will continue
d) No improvement

24. All nations which do not or cannot observe internal discipline will ultimately ruled by some external power which is capable of enforcing discipline.

a) will ultimately be ruled
b) will ultimately rule
c) can ultimately be ruled
d) No improvement

25. All the great men of the world would face great obstacles in the fulfillment of their mission.

a) had to face
b) were facing
c) had been facing
d) No improvement


1. No improvement
2. was rung
3. who
4. which is being
5. No improvement (Here the actual subject is ‘officers’ and not ‘one’.)
6. No Improvement (Here the actual subject is ‘one’ and not ‘politicians’.)
7. have been released
8. No improvement
9. shall have been giving
10. used to sell
11. had been reading
12. had taken
13. shall have been living
14. swung
15. lay
16. would not make
17. waved
18. deal with
19. No improvement
20. captained
21. touched upon
22. implanted
23. continues
24. will ultimately be ruled
25. had to face

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