Idioms with play

Here is a list of idioms formed with play.

Make great play of

To make great play of something is to draw attention to it in an exaggerated way.

Play about

To play about is to behave in a casual manner.

Play along

To play along is to pretend to cooperate.

Play it by ear

To play it by ear is to proceed without having formed a plan.

Play something down

To play something down is to disguise the importance of something.

Play for time

To play for time is to use excuses or unnecessary acts to gain time.

Play into someone’s hands

To play into someone’s hands is to give someone an advantage without meaning to do so.

Play someone off against another

To play someone off against another is to bring one person into conflict with another for your own advantage.

Play with fire

To play with fire is to take foolish risks.


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