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Sentence improvement exercise 3

Which of the phrases (a), (b) or (c) should replace the word/phrase in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (d) as your answer.

1. Having understood that there is a vacancy of an assistant in the firm, an application was submitted by me.

a) an application has been submitted by myself
b) an application by me was submitted
c) I submitted an application
d) No improvement

2. She was driving her car at eighty miles each hour.

a) an hour
b) every hour
c) hourly
d) no improvement

3. I hope it will not rain when they have started their journey.

a) they will have started their journey
b) They will start their journey
c) they start their journey
d) No improvement

4. The train will leave before we have reached the station.

a) we reach the station
b) we had reached the station
c) we would reach the station
d) No improvement

5. Inflation affects nearly everyone.

a) everyone nearly
b) nearly all
c) nearly each one
d) No improvement

6. If you asked them, they would have solved your problem.

a) had asked
b) would asked
c) were asking
d) No improvement

7. Can’t you never understand what has been said.

b) ever understand
b) rather understand
c) at all understand
d) No improvement

8. He asked me where was I going.

a) am I going
b) I was going
c) were I going
d) No improvement

9. Suddenly she became conscious regarding the presence of a stranger in the room.

a) about
b) of
c) over
d) No improvement

10. This is the sixth time you asked the same question.

a) ask the same question
b) have asked the same question
c) were asking the same question
d) No improvement

11. She is working since morning.

a) was working
b) has been working
c) works
d) No improvement

12. Be sure to contact with as many teachers as possible.

a) contact
b) contact on
c) contact to
d) No improvement

13. Jane’s boyfriend walked her.

a) walked out on her
b) walked out her
c) walked on her
d) No improvement

14. Can you tell me where can I find the lost-and-found office?

a) where I can find
b) where I found
c) where can I found
d) No improvement

15. No football team can’t win no championship without defenders.

a) can’t win a championship
b) can win a championship
c) can’t win championship
c) No improvement

16. How many players are there in a baseball team?

a) there are in a
b) is there in a
c) was there
d) No improvement

17. Driving down the road, a deer leapt out in front of me.

a) While I was driving down the road
b) While driving down the road
c) I was driving down the road
d) No improvement

18. The Turks captured Constantinople in 1453 and that was the end of the Byzantine Empire.

a) have captured
b) had captured
c) captures
d) No improvement

19. Although it was raining for days, the cricket pitch was in perfect condition.

a) it had been raining
b) it is raining
c) it had raining
d) No improvement

20. Even though Susie speaks fluent Italian, but she could not understand the Genoese dialect.

a) Susie speaks fluent Italian
b) Though Susie speaks fluent Italian
c) As Susie speaks fluent Italian
d) No improvement

21. The report that Ted is sending poison-pen letters are surprising.

a) is surprising
b) was surprising
c) were surprising
d) No improvement

22. The report that mobile phones cause memory loss has been challenged.

a) is challenging
b) had been challenged
c) is challenged
d) No improvement

23. His latest film has been less successful than his other films were.

a) have been
b) had been
c) was
d) No improvement

24. Thinking that he finally found someone with similar interests, the scholar tried to strike up a conversation.

a) he had finally found
b) he has finally found
c) he finds
d) No improvement

25. What I learned is that freedom is really the result of how you will remove obstacles.

a) you would remove
b) you can remove
c) you remove
d) No improvement


1. I submitted an application
2. an hour
3. they start their journey
4. we reach the station
5. No improvement
6. had asked
7. ever understand
8. I was going
9. of
10. have asked the same question
11. has been working
12. contact
13. walked out on her
14. where I can find
15. can win a championship
16. No improvement
17. While I was driving down the road
18. No improvement
19. it had been raining
20. Susie speaks fluent Italian
21. is surprising
22. No improvement
23. have been
24. he had finally found
25. you remove

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