Passive voice worksheet for class 10 KSEEB SSLC

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice. This passive voice worksheet is helpful for students preparing for their class 10 English exam conducted by KSEEB.

1. Wipe this table.

2. Open the window.

3. Summon the witness.

4. He can solve this puzzle.

5. Have you brought your violin?

6. Do we respect our parents?

7. The police searched the man.

8. Did he solve the problem?

9. The government is building a bridge across the river.

10. When will they announce the results?

11. Will they complete the project this month?

12. Somebody has stolen my purse.

13. We have published several books.

14. Everyone loves him.

15. She has invited us to her party.

16. The monkey is eating a banana.

17. The police have caught the criminal.

18. Who broke the window?

19. Why did he scold you?

20. He will break the law.


1. Let the table be wiped.

2. Let the window be opened.

3. Let the witness be summoned.

4. This puzzle can be solved by him.

5. Has your violin be brought by you?

6. Are our parents respected by us?

7. The man was searched by the police.

8. Was the problem solved by him?

9. A bridge is being built (by the government) across the river.

10. When will the results be announced?

11. Will the project be completed this month?

12. My purse has been stolen by somebody.

13. Several books have been published by us.

14. He is loved by everyone.

15. We have been invited by her to her party.

16. A banana is being eaten by the monkey.

17. The criminal has been caught by the police.

18. By whom was the window broken?

19. Why were you scolded by him?

20. The law will be broken by him.

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