Phrases to use when leaving people

When leaving people we can use an expression like Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening/Good night. Note that Good night is not used to greet people when you meet them. Its meaning is similar to Good bye.

In a less formal style, we can also say:

Good bye.


See you.

See you later./ See you tomorrow. / See you next week. / See you soon.

Take care.

Sample Conversations

Conversation 1

Amar: Hi Sahil, how’re you?

Sahil: I’m fine, thanks. And you?

Amar: I’m okay.

Sahil: Hot day, isn’t it! Can’t believe that it’s a November morning.

Amar: Yeah, the nights are even hotter.

Sahil: Well, I think that’s my train. See you later.

Amar: OK. Bye.

Sahil: Bye, take care.

Conversation 2

Ram: Hi Krishna, how’re you doing?

Krishna: Fine, thank you. And you?

Ram: Oh, I’m alright.

Krishna: What terrible weather! It hasn’t stopped raining for days.

Ram: Yes, awful. If it continues to rain like this, we’ll have to swim to work.

Krishna: You’re right. Well, I must be going. See you later.

Ram: Bye. Take care.

Conversation 3

Shyam: Hello Raju. Good morning.

Raju: Good morning Shyam. How’re you doing?

Shyam: I’m fine, thanks. How about you?

Raju: I’m good. What about your studies?

Shyam: I’ve just sat for my exams. I’m waiting for the results.

Raju: Oh. I see. OK. I think that’s my bus. See you later.

Shyam: OK. Bye. Take care.


To sit for an exam is to take an exam.

Conversation 4

Vikram: Hi Karan. How’re you? Haven’t seen you in a long time?

Karan: I’m okay. I was busy looking for a job. What about you?

Vikram: I’m fine, thanks. What about your job search? Have you found any job yet?

Karan: No luck, so far. I’m still searching.

Vikram: Don’t lose heart. You’ll get a good job soon.

Karan: I hope so.

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