Reading Comprehension Exercise for Class 9 CBSE

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

  1. Till a few years ago, cyclists were a rare sight on city roads, as traversing through steep climbs seemed an unimaginable task.
    However, cycling seems to be fast catching up among locals in the hill town. Given the steady rise in vehicle population, it is indeed a welcome change. With more people pedaling their way around the city, some taking it as a form of outdoor physical activity, vehicular traffic is bound to decrease on roads.
  2. Reminiscing his childhood days when he used to cycle around, Rajat Rajpal, owner of a cafe on the Mall Road, said, ‘I’ve consciously decided to get used to it. I have been riding my bicycle for five months now and now I’m completedly hooked.’
  3. Every morning, Rajat Rajpal, owner of a café on the Mall Road, zealously cycles his way to Company Garden or Camel’s Back Road, besides the Library Bazaar, whenever he wants to pick up goodies for his café. “I think cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises. Besides, you also contribute to keeping the environment clean,” said the cycling enthusiast. For some, cycling continues to be an energetic and enthralling experience.
  4. Norway based Keshav Nrugham, who has been living in Mussoorie for nearly three years, says it’s the best way to stay fit and do your bit for the environment. Aged above 50 years, Keshav rides more than 15 km (one way) from Kempty Road till Lal Tibba every morning. Though traffic on the route, particularly around Kempty Road, and the steep climb from Landour to Lal Tibba, poses hurdles on the way, it has failed to deter his spirit. Despite the age factor, he cycles for almost 30 kms daily. Due to the rising number of cyclists in the city, shops have also come up wherein fitness freaks and tourists can take bicycles on rent. “We started renting cycles on an experimental basis but it has become a popular activity now. In fact, there are days when people have to wait to get cycles on rent. We received an overwhelming response from tourists”, says Pitambar, owner of a cycle shop.
  5. Sandeep Jain, an advocate from Faridabad, who recently visited Mussoorie along with his three friends, told TOI, “We rented cycles for the entire day and rode to George Everest House and also to the Mall Road. It was a great experience”.

Answer the following questions

  1. How the traffic seems to be controlled on roads according to the author?
  2. What has made cycling a popular activity?
  3. Write any two advantages of cycling.
  4. Encourage is an antonym to the word ……………………. in paragraph 4.

(a) hurdles

(b) deter

(c) freaks

(d) overwhelming

5. Extremely great is a synonym to the word ………………………. in para 4.

(a) popular

(b) overwhelming

(c) deter

(d) experimental


  1. The author feels that the rising popularity of cycling will reduce the number of vehicles on roads.
  2. Cycling is gaining popularity because it is an energetic and enthralling experience. Also, it is one of the best aerobic exercises.
  3. Cycling is an excellent aerobic activity and thus it helps people to stay fit. Also, it is good for the environment because cycles do not emit any poisonous gases.
  4. deter
  5. overwhelming


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