Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | CBSE Class 4 English Worksheets

This grammar exercise tests a student’s understanding of sentence patterns and word order in a sentence. Read the following sentences. The words are not in the proper order.  You have to rearrange them to make meaningful sentences.

Class 4 English grammar worksheets

1. crowd too big the police the was to control for.

2. I remain hope you always so happy will.

3. ambition to my become a is scientist.

4. the look baby not much like does her mother.

5. not I your office yesterday to but you were went in.

6. the what train arrive does time?

7. on the post afternoon office is Saturday closed.

8. made suits are the finest of his cloth.

9. I haven’t must some new clothes got buy because I anything to wear.

10. he am much is than I older.

11. she richer most of her neighbours is than.

12. I fly interested in am learning to.


1. The crowd was too big for the police to control.

2. I hope you will always remain so happy.

3. My ambition is to become a scientist.

4. The baby does not look much like her mother.

5. I went to your office yesterday but you were not in.

6. What time does the train arrive?

7. The post office is closed on Saturday afternoon.

8. His suits are made of the finest cloth.

9. I must buy some new clothes because I haven’t got anything to wear.

10. He is much older than I am.

11. She is richer than most of her neighbours.

12. I am interested in learning to fly.

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