Sample conversations about weather

Sample conversation 1

It’s ridiculously hot!

Storyline: Rahul and Mira are complaining about the weather. Here is a piece of conversation between them.

Rahul: What awful weather we’re having. It’s ridiculously hot!

Mira: Yes, it’s worse than last year.

Rahul: It feels like the whole world is broiling. No wonder, people are dying.

Mira: Yes, one must be very careful when one goes out in the hot sun.

Rahul: Forget about going out. The heat is unbearable even inside.

Mira: Yeah! I just hope that it doesn’t get any worse.

Conversation 2

How hot it is!

Storyline: It is such a hot day that Maya and Anjali just want to stay at home. Here is a piece of conversation between them.

Maya: How hot it is! I don’t think I can stand this scorching heat.

Anjali: Yeah, it’s awfully hot. You can’t stand in the sun even for a minute.

Maya:  You’re right. Anyway, I guess we can’t go out this afternoon.

Anjali: We shouldn’t either. Who wants to be taken to the hospital for sunstroke or something?

Maya: Not me. Got to drink plenty of liquids.

Anjali: Yeah, you’re right. By the way, have we got anything to drink?

Maya: I’ll get you a glass of chilled lemon juice if you want.

Anjali: That would be nice.

Conversation 3

It was raining cats and dogs!

Storyline: When Maya got home from work, she was dripping wet.

Karan: You’re so wet! You should have taken an umbrella.

Maya: I should have but I didn’t because the weather forecast said that it’d be a sunny day.

Karan: You can’t depend on the weather bureau. They seldom get it right.

Maya: You’re right. It wasn’t just any shower. It was raining cats and dogs.

Karan: Well, you had better change those wet clothes, or you’ll catch a cold.

Maya: I know.


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