Sentence correction | Class 8 grammar worksheets

Edit the given letter.

Dear Rohan,

Hope you are doing fine. Are you visit (a) us during the Christmas holidays? We spent (b) the holidays here on a farm house. My parents wants (c) to meet you. If you are coming, don’t forgot (d) to bring woollen clothes as it is too cold here.

Hope you will replied (e) to me soon.

With love



a) Are you visiting us during the Christmas holidays?

b) We are spending the holidays here on a farm house. (Here the reference is to the future, so we can’t use a past tense here. The verb ‘spent’ is in the simple past tense. Also, we are talking about a pre-planned future event here. So, we use the present continuous tense.)

c) My parents want to meet you. (The plural noun ‘parents’ require a plural verb. The verb ‘wants’ is singular.)

d) Don’t forget to bring woolen clothes. (After do, does and did, we use the first form of the verb.)

e) Hope you will reply to me soon.


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