Simple future or present continuous tense exercise

In English, we use several different tense forms to indicate future. Common among them are:

  1. Simple future
  2. Present continuous
  3. Be going to
  4. Present simple

These structures are not usually interchangeable, although in a few cases they are all possible.

Complete the given sentences using a verb form indicating future.

Simple future or present continuous tense exercise

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2 Responses

  1. Khushbeer says:

    Hello , mam can u plz tell in picture composition we have to use which tense and how to write in picture compositions plz it will be of great help.

    • Manjusha says:

      Use the simple present tense in picture compositions. If you are describing objects that seem to be in motion, use the present continuous. For example, the book is on the table but birds are flying in the sky.

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