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Small talk can seem boring but there are many situations where it is useful or absolutely necessary. For example, an ability to engage in small talk is essential to make friends. Small talk could also be useful during an interview.

You can have a small talk on any subject you like. For example, you can talk about sports, jobs, schools, health etc. Just like any other speaking skill, your small talk skills, too, will improve with practice. So here is a sample conversation between two friends who haven’t met each other in weeks.

John: Hi Tom, how are you doing?

Tom: Very well, thanks. How are you?

John: I’m doing well myself.

Wasn’t that simple? You can initiate small talk by using a simple question like ‘How are you?’ To keep the conversation going, you can talk about anything that you like. Just make sure that you avoid controversial topics. You must also resist the temptation to ask questions that are too personal.

Tom: Haven’t seen you in weeks. What have you been doing lately?

John: Well, I’m pretty busy these days. I have got a job at a call center.

Tom: I see. It’s great that you got a job. You know what? These days getting a good job isn’t all that easy. I’m really happy for you.

John: Thank you. What about you? Have you already finished school?

Tom: No, I have one more semester left.

Small talk means small talk. You have to end the conversation after a while. Or you could change the topic. Here are a few things that you can say to end the conversation.

John: Don’t you think we should get together for lunch sometime?

Tom: Yeah, that would be great.

John: Well, I must be going. I’ll call you sometime.

Tom: OK. See you later.

John: Alright. See you.

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