Small Talk | Sample Conversation

We often engage in conversations with strangers we meet at places like railway stations and bus stops. Here are some sample dialogues using the conversational structures you learned in the previous lessons.

Conversation 1

Here is a piece of conversation between two people who meet at a railway station.

Shiva: Hello. My name is Shiva. What’s your name?

Uma: I’m Uma. Nice to meet you.

Shiva: Nice to meet you, too. Where’re you from Uma?

Uma: I’m from Mumbai. Where’re you from?

Shiva: I’m from Chennai. Are you studying?

Uma: Yes, I’m doing a diploma course in fashion designing. What about you?

Shiva: I’m working at a bank in Chennai.

Uma: That’s great. Well, I think that’s my train. Bye.

Shiva: Bye. Have a nice journey.

Uma: Thank you.


You cannot end a conversation abruptly. That would make the other person feel bad. Instead, you can use a sentence like ‘I think that is my train.’ or ‘Well, I must be going’. These sentences convey the message that the conversation is going to end. And then you just need to say Bye before going your separate ways.

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